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Okay EXO fans. It’s time to wake up and realize that everything isn’t about you. EXO’s comeback promotions being delayed is not SM being a titfuck. “Delaying to mourn.” When one person in Korea is mourning, everyone in Korea is mourning. Get over yourselves, fucking shit.

Despite what I think of them, I realy respect that EYK aren’t posting anything for a few days and I my heart goes out to their friends that were teachers (still teaching or not) to some of those students on that ferry, my heart goes out to everyone really.

"Hello, yes, god? I would like for you to take me back to 2012 before I took interest in EXO. I know this is impossible, but do it anyway. Thank you."

How to not stan kris wu…

sehun booty 

suho (cutely) reassuring fans that there will be OT12 stages ;;v;;

"Yixing is so normal," said no one ever.

layhan during ‘lucky’

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