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jongin’s reaction when he sees his fave shinhwa member naked

kids reacting to their respectable hyungnim’s “eomma, buy me that” dance

Omg thanks a lot for wrecking the drama for me. I'm so upset right now, why did u have to spoil it???! Couldn't you put a warning!! Geez...


Um, i would have thought that everyone would have watched episode 11 by now, and it wasn’t even cconfirmed.. they are just assuming it was her. And honestly, if you dont follow me and seen this in the tags, YOU should have stayed out of the tags. Their are so many spoilers in show tags that its expected. And if you do follow me then you should have read the tags first because i almost always make posts as i watch each episode. So sorry that the drama is ruined for you but you shouldve ignored my post.

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